About Us


Mrs Nitika Khanduri, Daughter of Colonel Dhupar is the Joint Managing Director of the SWIFT GROUP of Companies. Deeply committed & inspiring by nature, Ms Khanduri with her sharp intellect & vision has enthused the entire Group with a sense of mission & accomplishment of a very high order. A thorough professional, she discharges her multifarious responsibilities with dignity & élan. She has therefore earned the respect & admiration of all the employees including the field staff. Her participative style of leadership & management by consensus has yielded rich dividends & has made the SWIFT GROUP into a well knit, cohesive & decisive team ready to meet the challenges of the Security Industry in the 21 st Century. She remains steadfast in improving the working conditions of all the employees particularly the security guards. The welfare of the families of all the employees of the Group is also very close to her heart. Her humane, firm & friendly approach keeps the entire SWIFT team deeply motivated & result oriented.